New ZAR Online Bingo Casinos

After over two decades of the South African online gambling market being in a state of confusing flux, the recent legal European entrants to the market will bring with them a variety of new gaming options to the South African player. This includes the very popular Bingo game and all its online varieties. To see an online casino guide where vetted online casinos are listed with their game providers and the variety of games that take ZAR based bets, click here { }.

How did Bingo Originate?

The basic game of Bingo was definitely said to have originated around what is todays Italy in the 1530s. A lottery-based game called 'Il Giocco del Lotto' is believed to be a form of Bingo which spread to France where it was played by rich Frenchmen (called La Lotto). Before spreading to UK shores in the late 1700s, it evolved into the game of chance known. It only became known as Bingo when it spread to the US where a toy maker commercialised Bongo cards.

The rules of Bingo stayed pretty similar through the ages and it was only with the advent of online Bingo in the mid 1990s that different size Bingo cards became available. The first online Bingo established back in 1996 was a free Bingo web site called In 2003, paid online Bingo became more established when many dedicated Bingo websites were created. In 2013 the game managed to move to the mobile gambling market when an online players' network, Network 15 was started.


What are the Rules of Online Bingo?

Bingo was traditionally confined to bingo halls in churches and found in certain casinos, but the game's real-money potential took off when it moved over to the online platform. Players can now join thousands of other players in Bingo networks while still maintaining the social aspect of the game via chat. There are three main variants of online bingo available and they are: 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball Bingo. Online, the games move faster than in a land-based setting and the online game software does all the work.

  • 75-ball Bingo - 5 x 5 grid with 24 numbers
  • 80-ball Bingo - 4 x 4 grid with 16 numbers
  • 90-ball Bingo - 9 x 3 grid with 17 numbers

The first step to starting an online Bingo game is to purchase tickets. Depending on the Bingo room limits, a player can purchase as many tickets as the room allows. The gameplay is simple. Depending on the variant of Bingo, the software will randomly generate numbers, graphically represented by balls. As the numbers are generated, the software will auto-daub (cover or cross off) the numbers if they are present on the players card. The player wins if one of the winning combination ways is hit.

Where do I start with online Bingo in South Africa?

Where traditionally online Bingo was either free play Bingo or offered by illegal gambling websites, in 2020 online Bingo layers can look forward to safely and securely playing for South African Rands. The online gambling market has opened up allowing legal European casinos to offer Bingo and all its variants to the South African player in his chosen currency. Head on over to one of these casinos, check out their casino license and first play Bingo for free to get to grips with the game and how the casino operates.